Thursday, January 20, 2011

Think about it...

When I was in junior high (I guess it is called middle school now)I kept a diary. This diary has long since been lost or thrown away. I remember the cover was either brown or red. The size was the same size as the small address books that fit into a bag or purse. I can still visualize my handwriting describing my day at school doing cheers, talking with my friends or the boy I had a crush on.

Has anyone ever asked you - "If you could do one thing over again, what would it be?" I would have kept a journal of my life. I am not a legend, except in my own mind. I am not anyone famous. One of the items I made is a horse blanket for the United State Border Patrol. If you ever see a Border Patrol person on horseback, the blanket on the horse was first made by me. My husband (R.I.P.) suggested placement of the letters. Of course, no one knows I made it but a handful if people.

From time to time I will see something that will remind me of my childhood. Or perhaps it will trigger of memory of something that happened to both or one of my wonderful children. There have been times (okay a lot of times) that I will mention one of these vivid memories to my youngest grandsons. I will start the story and he will finish it. Then I know that I've told this story toooooo many times. He will usually smile at the end of him finishing the story. At least he remembers it and maybe when he is my age, he will still remember it. n Maybe he will want to visit the location of said story. He has already suggested that we climb down the creek walls (some are concrete, some are brick)on Ruxton Avenue and wade in the creek (Fountain Creek)all the way to Manitou Avenue. This particular creek gets a little deep in places, goes underneath houses, store and apartments. He is now ten years old and in fifth grade. I believe I was younger when I did the creek thing. And I took my younger brother along with me. Now I am really trying to remember exactly what age I was. I know we had a Princess phone (it was the new phone and was powder blue). I remember calling my cousin in Kansas to tell her about it. She acted like it wasn't a big thing, but it truly was. Wow, really got off the subject. Okay, I might have been my grandson's age.

Another memory just came into my mind - this happened while we lived in the Ruxton Avenue house. Spudnik was orbiting the earth and the news told everyone what time you could actually see it in the sky. We went outside to the sidewalk that was on the side of the house and laid there waiting for it to pass. My older brother told me to sit up, but I laid on the steps and the sidewalk. I still remember seeing it. I don't remember Daddy being outside with us, but Mother was there. Maybe he was in another part of yard.

Have you ever tied a string around your loose tooth and then tied the other end on the door knob and then closed the door. I had a loose tooth in the second grade and my older brother told me he knew of a way to pull it out in a hurry. Let your imagine wander a little.

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