Sunday, January 16, 2011


I know I said that I would update more often. I apologize that I haven't. Okay, here is an update. Scouting, Scouting, Scouting - This keeps us pretty busy. Love Scouts, but a break is a good thing now and then. This 'break' happened when Joshua had Christmas vacation from school. Oh, maybe that wasn't politically correct. Our school district calls it Winter break. Part of our family came to our home for Christmas dinner. My son, Robbie stayed in Texas. Older brother and wife went to Alaska to visit his daughter. My Sister stayed in the Denver area. Younger brother, wife and her Father came here. Mom and her husband came here. Nieces and nephews entertained at their respective homes. Everyone had a terrific time. We had a mini concert in our living room with Joshua, my grandson, playing his guitar and singing. My Mother thinks the sun rises for this child. And in turn, Joshua thinks Grandma June hung the moon. He sang Felix Navidad for her. Don't know if Mother understood every word, but she loved it! Joshua is really getting good at playing his guitar. Actually, he has two of them. One that we purchased for him (acoustic) and an electric guitar that was a gift from his instructor. His instructor also gave him his amplifier. It was such a surprise for Joshua! He absolutely loves it.

This year Kellie and I made a list and pretty much stuck to it. We have a family care center in our home. All gifts for the children were done probably the first week in December. We also baked for the parents. It was our turn to provide refreshments for the Scouts at the pack meeting in December. We made punch (you know - the sherbet with seven-up mix) at the meeting. Our kitchen turned into cupcake heaven for two days baking all the cupcakes for gifts and the Scout meeting.

For years I used to be terribly stressed around the holidays. I would stay up late baking. I felt that everything had to be perfect and pretty. I would buy brown craft/wrapping paper and hand stamp (designs) every gift that was wrapped. Some of you might be thinking 'ugh brown paper'. I read somewhere that this used to be the way people wrapped. I guess the old fashioned way. Not because people were poor, but that it added the personal touch. I would buy the wire ribbon (that stuff is expensive)for the gifts and viola! Every bow had to have the right number of crimps and curves. Everyone loved the gifts (inside and outside). Reviewing this paragraph I feel I sound like Martha Stewart. I haven't watched her for years. Anyway, that is not how it is now. I still love gift wrap, but it is not expensive. Sometimes I wrap in ribbon. I do love ribbon. Gift bags are great. We buy throughout the year and have a closet stashed with gifts for the children. I crochet items and give those also. Holidays are much better and simplier. LOVE IT!

Okay, the family is up for the day. We started painting yesterday. The kitchen is no longer an ecru, eggshell of off white color. It is Perennial Gold. Absolutely beautiful. This color is also going on both walls leading to the downstairs level and will be on the entry wall in the living room. We bought a Moroccan red and will be a great contrast. Change is good for us.


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