Friday, January 21, 2011

Camping and Skiing

Right after all the kids left with their parents Kellie, Joshua and Baxter headed out for Camp A...Camp Alexander. This is located at 11 Mile Reservoir. The Boy Scouts of Troop 2 located here in town invited Webelos II for a Video Campout. This weekend is for one night campers or two night campers. My family will stay tonight and be home around noon tomorrow. Baxter plays in a hockey game on Saturday afternoon. Joshua is going to rest in the afternoon. Late Saturday afternoon Joshua, Baxter, Baxter's Dad, another kid's Dad and two other boys are going skiing at Keystone. They will spend Saturday night playing around probably. Skiing all day Sunday will be fun for all, but you can bet everyone will be exhausted Sunday night. Joshua and Baxter are best friends. Baxter spends a lot of time at our home. Has his own drawer, his own bed, hygiene stuff and yes, I wash/dry his laundry if needed. He has wonderful parents. We are glad to call them our friends. Joshua and Baxter do not share all the same interests. We think this is good...makes a great balance.

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