Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterday my brother-in-law and his new wife rolled into town. They were at Camper World. They bought an motorhome and the refirgerator had been recalled. Anyway, it was going to be fixed this morning. I think it has been fixed, but they are still at Camper World. Mu daughter and grandson are with them. I told her not to come home with an RV or anything else on wheels other than her Land Rover than she drove over there. Of course if she did roll down the street with something HUGE, I guess it would be alright. I would just have to crochet and sell more fingerless gloves and do it faster. I think an HUGE RV would be too much to handle (for me anyway), but she was going to glance at the Class C vehicles they have in stock. She called a while ago and said everything was fine. That made me feel more at ease.

We ate at Joe's Crabshack. Brother-in-law's wife wanted to eat there. I had not eaten there before. I have been told that it was extremely noisy and people dance on the tables, and the food wasn't that great. It was a little loud (but not like I thought it would be), the wait staff dance to four tunes and the food was good. We'll probably go back again.

Bye for now.

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