Sunday, August 15, 2010

All Class Reunion

Today I attended the Annual Manitou Springs All Class Reunion. This was a two or three day annual event, but I have never attended it. I am generally on my own class reunion committee, so it was nice to attend and not have to do anything but show up. For the past five years I have heard from or seen classmates at another classmate's funeral service. This was the case on August 8th ( re: Shirley). This was a happy time. Tears of joy...this was the case for Janeen and myself. I knew her growing up. My older brother dated her older sister. She married, I married and that was it. From time to time my parents would tell me that they saw her parents. Our families were good friends, but somewhere over the years we lost track of one another. Anyway, D'Esta said that she was bringing Janeen and wouldn't it be terrific if we could talk, etc. Janeen, D'Esta and I sat together and talked and talked. I don't know if this event has been well attended in the past, but there were enough people for me. I have been told that this get togehter is held every year in mid-August. Older people would hear my last name and ask 'aren't you the little sister of Lucky or the older sister of Doug?' I saw the older sister of a good friend of mine in high school. Asked her to tell Margaret I think of her often and to tell her hey. That particular person says she sees my Mother often. Says Mother is quite a character. It's a good thing that my Mother is remembered not only by my own high school friends, but also by the friends of my siblings. And quite frankly Mother still has spunk. D'Esta told me that my Mother used to help her fix her hair for special dates (homecoming and dances), because her Mother didn't take an interest in that. I did not know about this. I feel this is wonderful. I know Mother remembers this person. She would like it very much to know that she helped someone years ago and that this person appreciated what she did for her.

Class of 1968

Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterday my brother-in-law and his new wife rolled into town. They were at Camper World. They bought an motorhome and the refirgerator had been recalled. Anyway, it was going to be fixed this morning. I think it has been fixed, but they are still at Camper World. Mu daughter and grandson are with them. I told her not to come home with an RV or anything else on wheels other than her Land Rover than she drove over there. Of course if she did roll down the street with something HUGE, I guess it would be alright. I would just have to crochet and sell more fingerless gloves and do it faster. I think an HUGE RV would be too much to handle (for me anyway), but she was going to glance at the Class C vehicles they have in stock. She called a while ago and said everything was fine. That made me feel more at ease.

We ate at Joe's Crabshack. Brother-in-law's wife wanted to eat there. I had not eaten there before. I have been told that it was extremely noisy and people dance on the tables, and the food wasn't that great. It was a little loud (but not like I thought it would be), the wait staff dance to four tunes and the food was good. We'll probably go back again.

Bye for now.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Attended Shirley's service today. It was very nice. My grandson asked if she was lowered into the ground at the cemetery. I told him that she did not have a casket to lower and that she might have been cremated. He knows what that means. We have visted the cemetery that was connected to the funeral home. It is huge and old. Shirley and her family have an abundance of friends. Spoke with classmates that (it seems) we only see at funerals of parents or classmates.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Was notified this morning that our friend, Shirley, passed away last night. Once again, Mark, our class president, was the bearer of this news. I called her parents and left a message. We will be notified the date /time of services.

We are very very sad. I know it isn't possible, but I feel we should all live to be very old and very loved.

Monday, August 2, 2010


August 2, 2010

I found out this morning that a friend of mine has breast cancer. Although we haven't seen each other in ten years, she is still my friend. This is her second time around with this disease. She has survived ten years without it. The cancer has spread to her brain and a lot of her body...this is what we have been told. She is paralyzed on the right side of her body, also. She wants no phone calls, emails, or visits. Her family will tell her about any flowers sent and will read her mail to her. We have been told that her time is short. I would dearly like to just put my arms gently around her, but I will respect her wishes and not intrude. We grew up with together...yes from kindergarten through 12th grade. The graduating class of 1968 of Manitou Springs was less than 100 students. Played together, went to birthday parties all through the years and rode together to and from school during high school. I went to her house and she came to mine. We were on the pep squad in high school together. She would enter my thoughts for the last couple of months - more than usual. My grandson sold her Mother and her Aunt Scout popcorn this past year. My friend has two grown sons.

A classmate keeps in touch with her brother. An email was sent from her brother to the classmate and then forwarded onto our class President, Mark. He is good at notifying our class of illness, marriages, deaths, etc. He doesn't like the death part, but nevertheless, he does it.

She will never read this nor will her family tell her about it (they don't know I blog). Suppose it is some sort of venting or therapy for me putting some of my thoughts on a page. Perhaps more will be written later. At times when we experience death, we cry because they feel a sense of loss...of permanent departure. I feel so darn bad for her family. She hasn't passed away, but she will. As we all will. Her parents are living and I know this is...well if you have never lost a child (it doesn't matter what the age) you will never know what they are feeling. You will never know the sense of loss. You will know that it will be a very very sad time.

Doctor appointment needs to be made.