Thursday, December 31, 2009


I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Safe New Year.

Have you made any resolutions? If so, do you think you will follow through with any of them? Many people will make their list and really will do very well. Others will completely forget about the list. Both are acceptable. In the past I have made a small list, have reviewed it a couple of days later, then it made contact with the trash. When reviewing the list I would think to myself that resolutions two and three sounded terrific, but were unrealistic. I do feel that I will genuinely get more sleep this year. That is one idea that I can and will follow through. I need to organize my daylight hours better in order to get rest during the night time hours.

We had a good 2009, but wow - it sure was been a busy year. We coordinated the Scouts popcorn campaign this year for our Scout pack. It really was worth it, but sure kept us busy. Joshua was the top seller of pur pack. Received a ton of prizes and was recognized by the district and Trail's End Popcorn for it. Scouting is a worthy organization to join. I would surely recommend to anyone. We gathered items for 42 Veterans for the holiday season. Adults need gifts also. Kellie, Joshua and I have decided to make this a year round service project. In 2010 we expect the number of Veterans will be larger, so have already started collecting items. We have requested the gentlemen in charge of these Veterans contact us so that we will be aware of any special needs someone might have. We did a lot of other stuff that I don't even remember right now. I just remember that it was a busy year.

We have a new puppy. Got him for Christmas. Joshua, my Grandson, wrote a letter to Santa listing six items he would like to receive for Christmas. Told Santa that he had been a good boy this year, he thought. Joshua placed this list under the tree. A couple of days later he took back his original list and replaced it with new list. This one told Santa about Turner, his Golden Retriever, and how Turner needs a friend to play with. He asked for another Golden Retriever. A few days before Christmas Kellie, my Daughter and Joshua's Mother, got a call from Santa asking if she could help him select a dog for Turner. Joshua was able to help in the selection and chose a black Lab instead of a Golden. Santa also made sure that Joshua received the gifts on his original list. So all is right with the world!

The children in our care continue to be terrific! We truly are blessed. Great parents and children. What could be better than to hear the sound of laughter from a child.

An idea came to mind just a few seconds ago, but now I forgot what it was. Wonder what it was. It will probably come to mind around
3 a.m.

Remember the friend that I was trying to locate last May or so. I found her son on Facebook and he remember me from his grade school days. So we have found each other once again. She has gone through a divorce, remarried and is now a widow. Although she has gone through some difficult times, it sounds like she still has the get up and go I so fondly remember.

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