Thursday, December 31, 2009


I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Safe New Year.

Have you made any resolutions? If so, do you think you will follow through with any of them? Many people will make their list and really will do very well. Others will completely forget about the list. Both are acceptable. In the past I have made a small list, have reviewed it a couple of days later, then it made contact with the trash. When reviewing the list I would think to myself that resolutions two and three sounded terrific, but were unrealistic. I do feel that I will genuinely get more sleep this year. That is one idea that I can and will follow through. I need to organize my daylight hours better in order to get rest during the night time hours.

We had a good 2009, but wow - it sure was been a busy year. We coordinated the Scouts popcorn campaign this year for our Scout pack. It really was worth it, but sure kept us busy. Joshua was the top seller of pur pack. Received a ton of prizes and was recognized by the district and Trail's End Popcorn for it. Scouting is a worthy organization to join. I would surely recommend to anyone. We gathered items for 42 Veterans for the holiday season. Adults need gifts also. Kellie, Joshua and I have decided to make this a year round service project. In 2010 we expect the number of Veterans will be larger, so have already started collecting items. We have requested the gentlemen in charge of these Veterans contact us so that we will be aware of any special needs someone might have. We did a lot of other stuff that I don't even remember right now. I just remember that it was a busy year.

We have a new puppy. Got him for Christmas. Joshua, my Grandson, wrote a letter to Santa listing six items he would like to receive for Christmas. Told Santa that he had been a good boy this year, he thought. Joshua placed this list under the tree. A couple of days later he took back his original list and replaced it with new list. This one told Santa about Turner, his Golden Retriever, and how Turner needs a friend to play with. He asked for another Golden Retriever. A few days before Christmas Kellie, my Daughter and Joshua's Mother, got a call from Santa asking if she could help him select a dog for Turner. Joshua was able to help in the selection and chose a black Lab instead of a Golden. Santa also made sure that Joshua received the gifts on his original list. So all is right with the world!

The children in our care continue to be terrific! We truly are blessed. Great parents and children. What could be better than to hear the sound of laughter from a child.

An idea came to mind just a few seconds ago, but now I forgot what it was. Wonder what it was. It will probably come to mind around
3 a.m.

Remember the friend that I was trying to locate last May or so. I found her son on Facebook and he remember me from his grade school days. So we have found each other once again. She has gone through a divorce, remarried and is now a widow. Although she has gone through some difficult times, it sounds like she still has the get up and go I so fondly remember.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Operation Give Back To A Veteran

All over the nation people will celebrate Christmas (or not) according to their own faith and belief. Often churches and/or schools will create a wish list tree for financially challenged families. Sometimes care centers, help centers, etc. know of families that do without all year around. The parents provide the best they can for their children. Schools, churches and care centers make sure families receive something needed, but other adults also need to get a little something on Christmas morning. I am talking about the men and women that have served our country, but perhaps have been a bit forgotten. Perhaps they have lost their jobs and haven't been able to get back on steady ground yet. Maybe they are disabled. Maybe luck or something hasn't been around for a long time. We are gathering donations to give to these men and women for Christmas this year. These veterans are living on the West side of Colorado Springs. The donations are going to 32 men and 10 women. I know there are others that need items, but I am not able to save the world. This is part of the flyer that has been given to our pack. Maybe you can also give to someone and make a difference in their life. It may be just the little bit of spark that person needs to brighten their life. We are crocheting 42 hats to keep the chill away from the head and ears. Also donating toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and other items. We have all seen the travel size items in the stores. Often they will be on sale. We know people that travel alot and are donating the unopened shampoo, etc. from their hotel/motel rooms that they have brought home. Everyone also needs socks (often on sale). We are very blessed and live in abundance. We are not monetarily rich, but have been blessed with love, family, friends, food and a roof over our heads. We have worked for what we have and will continue to do so. There are a lot of people in the world that have worked hard, but somehow the sun hasn't shined on them at times. I think you all get my drift. Kellie also volunteers at a very worthy place that distributes clothing, etc. Sometimes people make purchases and sometimes they are given clothing, etc. In a couple of weeks Kellie, Joshua, Baxter (his best friend) and I will be making boxes of food for families that need a little extra this month. It's a win-win situation! Just a thought!

Operation Give Back to a Veteran

November 4, 2009 through December 16, 2009

Cub Scout Pack 24 is helping those who have helped keep our country free.

Donations are needed for 42 Westside veterans (32 men and 10 women) for presents for the holiday season.

Items in need are: Men and women toiletries, i.e. toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine hygiene, gloves, socks, t-shirts, small candies and treats, wrapping paper and tape, scarves and any other donations are welcome!

All donations are appreciated!
We can make a difference!

Please contact Sandy for additional information.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's been a long time...

Good gravy...I just looked at the date of the last posting to this blog...October 22nd. Hey, did I mention I found my friend from decades ago? That story was in May, 2009. Well, I didn't actually find her, but I found her son on Facebook. He remembered me from his grade school days. I couldn't find her because of her name change. She got a divorce from the husband I remembered, remarried and then became a widow. He told his Mother about me looking for her and she wrote to me via facebook. It was a very happy day.

Joshua was a wizard for Halloween. Kellie and I made a joint effort at the costume. He looked terrific! Went to Trick or Tresting on the Avenue (Colorado Avenue), Boo at the Zoo (Cheyenne Mountain Zoo) and then to everyone's homes for candy. The weather was perfect.

Joshua received his certificate and stuff from Boys Scouts of America at a presentation of all Scouts in the Pikes Peak Council District last night. The presentation was at IT'Z here in Colorado Springs. All boys that sold over $1500 were recognized and given a couple of hours of free fun. Joshua sold over $3,000. All invitees could bring parents and one guest. Naturally, Joshua invited Baxter, his best friend. They had THE best time. This was also for dinner at IT'Z. All you could eat.

Kellie and I attended the Winter Concert at Joshua's school this evening. Joshua plays the clarinet. This is his first year playing the clarinet. He likes it and is good playing it. I do remember the squeaky notes from when he first started playing. I rarely hear a squeak anymore. In addiiton to this instrument, Joshua still takes weekly guitar lessons. Really enjoys playing the guitar. Baxter plays the cello. Baxter's parents sat next to Kellie and myself. Once a week the boys load their instruments in the car after school and bring them home.

The program ended at seven p.m. When Joshua asked about the time, he said that we still had time to get to the Scout meeting. Wednesday is Scout night. He debated about attending the program vs. Scouts. Joshua hasn't missed a meeting in the last two years. He knew that the program was important also. Even though he enjoyed playing the clarinet tonight, he wanted to get to the meeting. So off we went and met another family (son was also in the program) going into the building for the Scout meeting.

Seems like a lot has happened to us since 10-22-09. Some days seem to blend into the next one. Hands down - the biggest thing has been signing papers for our home in mid-November. We are extremely happy about this. The title people came to our home for this event (it's an event to us). I had never heard of the company coming to you, but they did. I do believe I cried a little after everyone left.

Random thoughts - We all received H1N1 shots. Joshua continues to do well in school and life is good. My family and I like to play Farmville on Facebook. I spend way too much time doing that.

Started this posting before midnight and now it's after midnight. I need to get my beauty sleep. Kellie and I are both going on a field trip with Joshua's class tomorrow to the Pioneer Museum.