Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joshua's Popcorn Sales

Joshua has told us that his goal this year is to sell $2500 worth of popcorn. At that point Trail's end Popcorn will give him a scholarship with a percentage of this year's sales going into it. Every year hereafter 6% of whatever he sells will go to his scholarship fund. He wants to be an eagle Scout.

Last night was the first meeting that the Scouts starting turning in their popcorn sheets. As incentives to keep selling, the top seller selects a really good prize.

And this week's winner is (you are hearing a drum roll)

Joshua Finley (Webelos I) $1,024

He also filled up a sheet for a Bow and Mallow.

Joshua selected the book "One small Step" by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Apolo 11 Lunar Module Pilot. Everyone was coming to him to look at it. He thinks it is great.

I was announcing the winner, but before I could get his name out of my mouth, I started to choke up, and tears were welling up in my eyes. I had to tell the group 'excuse me for just a second or two'. I think I said that twice. Don't know what in the world everyone must have been thinking. Anyway, I said his name and the amount he sold. Kellie told me that people's mouths dropped open. there was a big round of applause.

It was a very proud moment. Love that boy!

Grandma Sandy

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