Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A new haircut

I just couldn't stand it any longer. I was actually going into stores with those tiny little girls clip things in my hair to keep the hair from hitting my face. I asked my daughter last night before running an errand, if I looked okay - if I looked frumpy. She came right out and said "Mother, your least get the clips the same color". My hair is clean and always fixed in some kind of stylish manner - even if it is my own style. About 6-7 years ago when I was working at a bank, I was feeling extremely frumpy. I turned to a co-worker and asked her if I had been looking frumpy lately. She told me that out of all the people she knew, I would never be put on the frumpy list. Perhaps it was a phase I was going through. I've been wanting to get a cut for a while now, but didn't seem that I could find the time. Today was the day.

I told the hairdresser not to be afraid to cut and that I love short hair. My hair hasn't been long for a few years now, but hairdressers (or whatever the apppropriate name for them nowadays) seem a bit afraid to cut a lot off my head. The shorter, the better.

It's cut over my ears with a little point in front of my ears. My grandson calls that part of it "Oh grandma like Spock". The back is short (I requested it shorter in the back after she had already cut it in the back) Just measured the top - a full two and one half inches, and one inch in the back. I love it! My hair is very thick and grows extremely fast. I don't live far from the hair cut place at all, but do not want to visit every two weeks.

My grandson met me at the front door and told me "Hey, Gram, nice haircut."

Life is good.



  1. Awwww, that is a great story!!!
    I love brand new haircuts. It always makes me feel lighter and fresher :)

  2. Would love to see a pic!! I am in great need to get my haircut... I put it off for so long. Just need to make an appointment. =)

  3. LOL - just like spock! Live long and prosper :-)