Monday, August 24, 2009

Our weekend without Kellie

While Kellie was earning her Wood Badge rank, Joshua and I slept late.

For breakfast I cooked scrambled eggs, bacon and toast with grape jelly. I usually don't approach the stove. It's a very nice stove, but Kellie doesn 99% of the cooking here. Joshua and I were going to play lots and then shop in the evening, but plans changed.

First we went shopping for a new shower curtain, rod and rings. And then for a new eyeglass case. Joshua came across the Oh so special just have to have it SpongeBob eyeglass case.

A sturdy rubber band would not hold or close my old lady bug eyeglass case. That was another one of his selections. I was going to purchase a grown up brown or black 'nice' one. Well, with this new one, at least I should be able to locate it. This is our conversation -

Joshua: Gram, this is so cool - look! Oh, Grandma, I think you
should get this one (handing me SpongeBob). And when
you are done with it, may I have it, please?

Me aka Grandma
or Gram: You don't wear glasses.
Joshua: It's for my sunglasses.

So I pay $1.00 more so that I can have a cool eyeglass case.

Newsflash update - As we drive away from the store -

Grandma: Joshua, do you have sunglasses?
Joshua: Yes.
Grandma: Do you know the location of said sunglasses?
Joshua: Not at this time.

Go figure.

Next we went to the cemetery. We have family there. Joshua has never met any of them, but he knows they are family and that they are special to me. One of them being my Father. Joshua has seen several pictures of Daddy. Oh, I forgot to bring flowers for his grave.

Like me, Joshua likes to walk the cemetery a bit. If he didn't want to, I certainly wouldn't force him. One day last year we covered the entire place. This is not on flat land. Sometimes he doesn't remember where the babies are buried. I guess decades ago a section was reserved for babies. He asked about this and we walked over to it. After saying the small area was nice, he then asked if all the babies HAD to be buried here. I answered no and that we would probably find more stones with the words 'our little angel' or 'our beloved baby' on them. We did. A few had small toys attached to the stone or placed beside them.

We saw several larger areas surrounded by rocks or a small wall. Joshua wanted to know why one or two people (two head stones) would want a large area. And were they large or maybe tall people. I explained that these were family plots. An area was purchased years ago so that family members could be buried together if they wanted. A couple of these plots had babies buried there.

At the top of the cemetery are three stones measuring one to two feet tall. They are so old the majority of the names/dates are gone. Joshua got close to them and he thinks one name is PALAN.

Driving out Joshua asked where Mrs. Liby was. We had already driven past her grave. When asked if he wanted to go back, he said we could see her on the next visit.

We had originally planned a picnic on Saturday, but decided it was too warm. At least that's what I told Joshua. After coming home from the cemetery, we watched a little television and hung out. He thought we were in for the day, but nooooooooo. I put on my shoes and he asked why I had on my shoes. When I told Joshua that I needed to wear shoes in order to drive, get sandwiches, chips and cookies for our picnic, his eyes got as big as saucers.

We went to Manitou Springs. That's where I grew up. So we ate, he ran, we played, and he fed the ducks. He asked if this was the same creek I played in when I was little. It's the same. The creek used to be wider and deeper, but it's basically the same. As children we would get those HUGE inner tubes and ride down the creek. So much fun.

Joshua also asked if one day I would take him in the part of the creek that runs by Ruxton Avenue (under the bridges, etc.) and continues under the Penny Arcade like I used to do when I was little. I told him 'no'. And that Grandma June (his great grandmother - my Mom) ever found out about it, she would probably put me over her checkered apron. I don't think Mom knows I did that. We used to climb down red rock walls that had to have been at least eight feet high into the creek.

I like taking Joshua places I've been as a child. I guess I do this so that he knows Grandma hasn't always been a Grandma. He told me he had a fun day. And that he really liked feeding the ducks. We'll go back again.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

She's home

Kellie, my daughter, is home from Wood Badge training. I do not have words to express what she has told me about this past weekend.

It is an unbelieveable experience.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Woodbadge Training

Kellie, my daughter, is in the San Isabel Mountains this weekend earning her Woodbadge rank. A Scouter has the option of training for six straight days or two weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) training sessions. This isn't a two hour course here and there during the day. It starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 10 p.m. This weekend it is hiking (for MILES) into the outback. It is about survival. Your pack (on your back) must contain everything one would need for three days. Everything - including your tent. I bet that darn pack weighs at least 75 pounds. Kellie is young and strong. I am sure she will do great this weekend. This is important in the Scouting world. She will be the only person in our pack with this rank. Kellie is also the Webelos I Leader. Last year Kellie was the Bear Leader. Joshua, my grandson, is a Webelos I. And myself, well, I am the Advancement Chairperson for our pack. Kellie and Joshua love to camp and this will definitely benefit them both.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Swimming and Yardwork

Our Scout pack had a swim night at Wilson's Ranch this past Wednesday evening. We really had a good turn out. These are pictures of Joshua on the water slide. Last year he would not get on the slide much less the stairs leading up to it. A year older and braver, he couldn't wait to be the first one down the slide. Joshua was all over that pool.

Last year I got into the pool, but this year I didn't. We went to the pool more often last year, also. This is really the only time we've been able to go. Oh yes - there was one other time that I took Joshua and Baxter, his best friend, to swim. Half way there Kellie called to tell me that the pool had closed due to lightning in the pool area of town.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

On most weekends it seems we have something scheduled to do. On Friday night before falling to sleep, I told myself not to wake until at least 8 a.m. I woke at 6:45! What's that all about?! I had sent my mental message and was denied. That's not a good thing. Today the only errand was to go across town for a bookshelf that had been purchased a few days before. I couldn't fit into my car. Kellie has a SUV, so we picked it up in her vehicle.

After I cleaned the kitchen, Joshua helped me in the front yard. Are you familiar with the long metal strips that are placed in the ground to separate the grass from a sidewalk? There is, no doubt, a proper name for these metal strips. I just don't know it. Three pieces totalling about 30-35 feet were dug up and removed. The metal was buried about five inches into the ground. A small portion was showing about one inch about the ground. With children here everyday, it was an accident waiting to happen.

Joshua was a huge help. Thank you so very much, Joshua!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A new haircut

I just couldn't stand it any longer. I was actually going into stores with those tiny little girls clip things in my hair to keep the hair from hitting my face. I asked my daughter last night before running an errand, if I looked okay - if I looked frumpy. She came right out and said "Mother, your least get the clips the same color". My hair is clean and always fixed in some kind of stylish manner - even if it is my own style. About 6-7 years ago when I was working at a bank, I was feeling extremely frumpy. I turned to a co-worker and asked her if I had been looking frumpy lately. She told me that out of all the people she knew, I would never be put on the frumpy list. Perhaps it was a phase I was going through. I've been wanting to get a cut for a while now, but didn't seem that I could find the time. Today was the day.

I told the hairdresser not to be afraid to cut and that I love short hair. My hair hasn't been long for a few years now, but hairdressers (or whatever the apppropriate name for them nowadays) seem a bit afraid to cut a lot off my head. The shorter, the better.

It's cut over my ears with a little point in front of my ears. My grandson calls that part of it "Oh grandma like Spock". The back is short (I requested it shorter in the back after she had already cut it in the back) Just measured the top - a full two and one half inches, and one inch in the back. I love it! My hair is very thick and grows extremely fast. I don't live far from the hair cut place at all, but do not want to visit every two weeks.

My grandson met me at the front door and told me "Hey, Gram, nice haircut."

Life is good.