Thursday, July 9, 2009

Enough time?!

I would love to get back to the sewing machine again. Oh, yes, I know where it's located. Seems like anymore I use it only for sewing on Scout patches. That's not a bad thing at all...I am very happy to sew on those patches my youngest grandson has earned and proudly displays on his Scout shirt. I also sew patches for other members of the pack (even adults). I guess I need to make time to do this. Organize my time? Sure thing.

When my daughter started kindergarten, I had made enough outfits for her that she didn't have to wear the same thing twice for 1 1/2 months. It's not that I didn't have anything else to do at that time. Besides life with two children, we lived on a farm - this included cows. For those of you knowing about farm life - enough said. Those of you that don't - visit and work for one week. At that time, boys patterns weren't all that great. Robbie did have cute clothes, but the majority were store bought. By the time he went to school, we were off the farm and living in town. Always got compliments on how clean our children were and the clothes they wore. Apparently I was about the only parent that still ironed clothes. Yes, my children had creases in their shirts/pants/dresses, freshly bathed and no dirt under their nails.

Got off the track for a minute there. I learned to sew in Home Ec. class in high school. My Dad was very glad I took that class. My Grandma (on Mother's side) sewed a lot, but Mother never liked it much, I guess. Daddy bought my first sewing machine, a Singer. It is metal not like the plastic ones you see now. I still have it and it still works like a charm. I do have a Singer that was purchased a few years ago. Works great, also. I used to tell Mother that I had 'nothing to wear for school tomorrow' and that I just needed $5-7 to get some material. I would go to J.C. Penney's or the fabric store, buy a pattern and material, work after school and after supper on that dress. Sometimes until around 10 p.m. I would have a new dress for school the next day. It's not I needed to sew in order to have clothes to wear. We all had enough clothes to wear. I think I liked the sense of accomplishment I felt afterwards.

Things didn't seems to cost as much in the 60's. Not compared to today, anyway.

We have a lot on our plates these days. And love doing it all, but get a little tired at the end of the day. I don't believe it's a matter of simplifying life, but rather organizing it. A little sewing every other day wouldn't be bad at all. Even if it's 15-30 minutes at the end of the day. Or is that when I'm lying in bed, thinking what should have been done that day? hmmmm...

I do love to crochet - you can take it anywhere. It truly relaxes me. My mother-in-law taught me to crochet. I do feel a sense of accomplishment when crocheting, but not like I do when sewing.

I do not know how organized everyone else's thoughts are when writing their blogs. I type as the thought comes to mind and then go back and edit - or not. So let's just go with the flow.

And I thank you for following this blog.



  1. Ahh, sewing machine calls my name. I ahve been sewing a lot lately. Using up a huge stash of fabric my freind gave me. If I sewed 12 hours a day for a month I wouldn't run out of fabric.

    I remember sewing peasant blouses for school. All my friends would come over with a roll of fabric and I'd whip them out in 15 minutes. We'd all have new blouses to wear for the night.

    I got my first sewing machine when I was 9 years old.

  2. I love your writing style. Wish I could tap into that place within myself more often.