Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Basketball and Toilet Paper

This week Joshua has Basketball Camp. Camp is three hours (Monday-Friday) in the morning which is great, because the weather has been decent this week so far. Blue Colorado skies and a little breeze now and then - not hot at all. Kellie took Joshua Monday and Tuesday. I took him today and will on Thursday. Kellie will again take Joshua on Friday. I really enjoy everyone interacting with the other kids. These are boys and girls from all over Colorado Springs. The coaches are young and make it fun to learn and practice. Joshua was on a basketball team during this past school year and had a great time.

I firmly believe a person needs to have a fairly good sense of humor and be able to laugh at themselves - whether in private or public. This should be written in the Life Handbook. In the chapter titled 'Humor', there has to be a paragraph that covers the topic of embarrassment. We all get embarrassed sometimes...some people more than others. My life encompassed both while Joshua played basketball.

I needed to use the facilities inside the building - yes, I had to go to the restroom. Having had an earlier conversation with Joshua, I motioned to him so he would know where I was going. So I walk in the building as if I know where I'm going (my daughter told me the location of the restrooms, a person at least wants to appear knowledgeable). It's just past the vending machines. I walk in, lock the door and am glad it is clean and smells fresh. There are no toilet seat covers, so I strategically place toilet paper strips on both sides of the seat. You know, a couple of about 18 inches long each. I sit a few seconds, get all know the routine. Wash/dry my hands and leave.

Now keep in mind that there are people around me at all times.

I pause a few seconds at the vending machines, pass a man on crutches, go by an open office, a few people sitting on benches talking on cell phones, and children/parents are at the front desk.

As I exit the building (sweet as you please), I notice the xeroscape garden. I look around and read the informational sign regarding the garden. I turn and walk towards the basketball area.

A breeze comes along and I feel something touching my wrist. I glance down, but do not see anthing. The breeze whips around one more time. I feel it again and SEE something fall to the sidewalk. One of the strategically placed strips of toilet paper had apparently decided to do a walk-along from the back of my waistband of my clothing. I stop, pick up the 4-6 still connected sheets of industrial strength toilet paper, fold and place in the nearest receptacle. All the while thinking to myself 'next time I will look in the mirror for the front and back views, and that this is funny and don't make a big deal out of it'.

The 15 or so people that saw me walk past them really do want to be a toilet paper trend setter like me - - - - NOT!!!


P.S. I called home and wasn't even able to get to the vending machine part before Kellie started laughing!


  1. I just hate when the toilet paper wants to go along for the ride.... my last experience was when I was still working and having my first ever meeting with the boss's boss's boss's boss... they probably don't even remember now :)

  2. I can totally sympathize says the person who walked around with her skirt stuck into the top of her pantyhose. I agree that if you can laugh at yourself it is much easier to get through life.