Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Joshua is grilling!

The picture above is Joshua grilling hot dogs on the front deck. Kellie took the picture. He was supervised. We all ate outside that day for lunch. The children in our care thought Joshua making hotdogs for them was our way of having a party. I think this was on 'Fun Friday'. Kellie always (everyday) prepares hot and balanced meals for lunch. On Fridays we don't always follow all of the rules. No vegetables for lunch. The children do love carrot sticks, but they don't think it's a vegetable. We might even order a pizza. Kellie has fixed lunchmeat sandwiches for them I bet only a few times. (Five of the children we've had for about three years.) That would still be with fruit and carrot sticks. I don't know how often the parents of children have sandwiches at their own homes, but the kiddos seem to think it's a party when it happens here. Like I said...Kellie prepares hot and balanced meals for these kids. We have a few kiddos that absolutely will not eat any kind of vegetables at home. When they eat here with the other ones, often they will ask for seconds of the vegetables. We have taken pictures of these particular ones eating the vegetables for their parents, because they just can't believe it.

It's been a short time since I wrote anything here. I've been trying to get over whatever I have. Joshua, Kellie and I did go camping this past weekend at the Air Force Academy. This was with the Scouts. They spent the night...I came home. Kellie and I agreed that even though I wanted to stay with them, I would probably be better off coming home and getting rest in my own bed. I am feeling much better. One of the children gave this stuff to me. I actually think it was the baby...he was the only one a little sick. And even then the parent kept him home for four days. Thank goodness no one else got it. I suppose it's just a summer cold. I generally do not visit the doctor for colds, but this time I went two days in a row. This one is just kickin' me.

Okay, I've blabbered enough for one post.


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  1. Cute picture of the Chef!
    It's hard not to et ick when you are around children! :-)