Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother

Did you have a great Mother's Day? Truly hope you did. If your child or children were not able to be with you this past Sunday, I know you were in their thoughts. My son lives in Texas. He called and sent a funny ecard. We always have good talks. My daughter and youngest grandson took me fishing at Brush Hollow Reservoir. The water had risen since the last we time we had been there, but we finally found a way to get to the other side. Took an hour, but we found it. I don't fish, but I do go along. I crochet and sometimes take pictures. I've told Joshua and Kellie that the two of them can go and I'll stay at home. Joshua says that he wants me to watch him cast his line. Can't miss that, can I?

What is your first memory about your Mother? My first memory about Mother is at two years old. She tells me that was my age for this memory. My younger brother was born in Lubbock Texas and that is the location of this story. I can actual see the small apartment in which we lived. Kind of a tan color. I remember playing outside with my older brother. Anyway, inside the apartment Mother had stored the iron on top of a tall cabinet. Somwhow the cord had become unraveled and was hanging down. Apparently, Mother didn't realize it was like this. I am sure she would have rectified the situation. I remember seeing the cord, pulling on it, seeing the iron fall, and then crying just a little bit. I felt the top of my head and sure enough...there was blood. The point of the iron got me good. I still have a scar about an inch long. Mom took me to the doctor. Looked like a huge barber's chair. I received stitches and went on with life. I also remember swallowing a penny, going to the doctor (again), and Mother checking me for that penny because she was told the penny would pass.

My next memory of Mother was her coloring with me. I was coloring on the left page and she was coloring a drum majorette on the right page. I remember thinking the she was a good colorer (is that a word?)...not too dark, not too light, and she always colored inside the lines. The uniform was red and blue with gold rope braidings. Mother has always had long nails. I still don't know how she rarely chips one. I thought it would be great when I grew up to have long nails with nail polish. I have short nails and rarely polish then. Even with clear polish.

Even though I loved my Father dearly (he passed away in 1981), Mother has been the glue and the rock of our family. They raised four of us and we all turned out pretty good. She has a great sense of humor and the patience of a saint. Growing up, many of my friends would come to her to get a 'grown up' opinion before they told their own Mothers something. She has supported me in whatever I wanted to do, has given advice even when I didn't want it. She was usually right. Mother, I love you more than words can express. We are all glad you are still with us.


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