Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1st May Day

Happy Happy May Day to everyone! When I was small we had a May Pole on the playground at school. We all did a little dance and sang a few songs.
I remember colored streamers coming down from the pole. Each of us would take one and go around the pole. I actually think it was the flag pole. We would also make small baskets and leave them on the doorknobs or outside someone's door. Then we would run away really really fast so that the recipient wouldn't know who had left it for them. I think that's what we liked best...trying not to get caught. I'm sure in our minds we ran faster than the wind. This person usually was a senior citizen in the neighborhood or a special friend.

When I was in my mid -twenties I met someone that did the same as a child. We became best friends. A year went by and May Day came again. Remembering that talk with her (and knowing that she would be so surprised), I ordered a flower basket for her and had it waiting at her door when she arrived home from work. At first she had no idea who it was from, then one of her children told her that they bet it was from Sandy. For the next three or four years , I sent this person a May Day Basket. Then I moved out of state, but still sent the basket to her. We would also exchange gifts on our birthdays, Valentine's Day, Just because day, Christmas and always send the children's school pictures. By this time it had become a traditional sort of thing with us. We called each other and wrote back and forth frequently. In July, 1985, I had a near fatal motorcycle accident. We spoke and wrote a few times after that time. It wasn't because of the accident that we lost contact, but that's the time period in my life that I remember last speaking with her. I've look for her and maybe she's looked for me. She had a fabulous sense of humor and a contagious laugh. I always think of Carol on May Day. Life is full of twists and turns. With the internet like it is these days, perhaps we'll find each other again. I've looked, but cannot locate her. AAAhhh, fate.



  1. I remember May day & the maypole with the colorful streamers and the construction paper may day baskets! Thanks for sparking a wonderful memory! I grew up in NY & now live in AZ where they do not celebrate May day.

  2. I agree. Life is full of twists. Don't give up. I hope you find her!

  3. I found her in mid-November through her son via facebook. It was a very happy day!