Saturday, May 16, 2009

Homemade Ice Cream

Do you ever long for homemade ice cream? I am having that craving right now. A few years ago I tasted it from an electric ice cream maker. I don't know if it was the recipe (just plain ole vanilla) or what but it just didn't taste the same. The relatives used to get together (always on Sunday) to have a Sunday dinner. Not every Sunday, but most of them. During the summer months we had homemade ice cream a lot. After everything was mixed and placed into whatever the container is called (I should know ther term but don't), my Dad and another relative would place ice and rock salt (I've been told) into the small barrel shaped thingamajig. Then a small old rug would be placed on top of that. The rug was there to protect our bottoms from getting too cold or too wet. All the cousins would take turns sitting on top of this as an adult or someone with muscle would start cranking. I suppose when frost bite started to set in, a different cousin would replace the frozen one. I really never thought about why we would sit on top of this thing. I was told a few years ago it was because weight was needed or it would fall over from cranking. This dessert making episode would take a couple of hours, it seems. This would usually be followed by brain freeze.


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