Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camping and fishing and the dog

The family is home from their Memorial Day camping weekend at Glendo Reservoir. They didn't smell nearly as bad as they did last year when they returned. Yes, the campfire and stuff. Campfire aromoa is's the other stuff. Oh and Turner. Kellie made called the groomer and he has an appointment tomorrow, I believe. Kellie says she took pictures that I have yet to see. When she gets them on the computer, I'll post a couple.

They're home. YAHOO!!!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

You are American guardians of peace, heroes of war...
You are the strength in America's heart.
You are the few who defend the many,
The selfless soldiers who keep us free.
You are the vets, the best,
and we shall always be greateful.

Our family lost a member (our cousin) in the Vietnam war. I comforted a husband during horrible nightmares from the Vietnam war. Friends lost brothers and parents lost sons.

Military personnal need our support.

God Bless America.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh, the rain!

I had big plans this morning for today's 'to do' list. I didn't get nearly as much done as I had wanted. I washed the children's blankets, the kitchen is clean & got my hair cut. It rained...the water in the street in front of our home was almost up to the sidewalk. The drain in back on the cement wouldn't drain. I noticed this when I went into the garage from the house & saw water that had come through the bottom of the door. After gasping and sucking all the air from the garage, I came to my senses.

Off with the slippers & on with the tennis shoes. A lot of good that did me. Where are the waders when you need them? When I got to the back, I saw about three inches of standing water. Yes, there was not even the slightest view of the little swirl you see when water is suppose to be going away. The drain was covered with sticks & wood chips. Got the broom and whisked it away. Whew...crisis over!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Joshua and Baxter, best friends

This is Joshua and Baxter, his best friend. This picture was taken on May 20, 2009 outside our home. Kellie, Joshua's Mother, got them to hold still long enough to take a couple of pictures. We were on our way to the Cub Scouts Graduation. Both Joshua and Baxter were received their arrows. And they are now Webelos. I will write more later, but for now I need to pick up someone from school.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

FYI - We have written consent to place Baxter's image on the internet.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Homemade Ice Cream

Do you ever long for homemade ice cream? I am having that craving right now. A few years ago I tasted it from an electric ice cream maker. I don't know if it was the recipe (just plain ole vanilla) or what but it just didn't taste the same. The relatives used to get together (always on Sunday) to have a Sunday dinner. Not every Sunday, but most of them. During the summer months we had homemade ice cream a lot. After everything was mixed and placed into whatever the container is called (I should know ther term but don't), my Dad and another relative would place ice and rock salt (I've been told) into the small barrel shaped thingamajig. Then a small old rug would be placed on top of that. The rug was there to protect our bottoms from getting too cold or too wet. All the cousins would take turns sitting on top of this as an adult or someone with muscle would start cranking. I suppose when frost bite started to set in, a different cousin would replace the frozen one. I really never thought about why we would sit on top of this thing. I was told a few years ago it was because weight was needed or it would fall over from cranking. This dessert making episode would take a couple of hours, it seems. This would usually be followed by brain freeze.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Sandy, my Mother

This is Kellie. My mother (shown here in photo) is usually the one that blogs on this site. I too love to read her stories. She is so much fun and has so much love for family. She has been crazy busy and will be back to blog tomorrow. I am sure she will tell you about Mother's Day. Don't believe everything you read...the road to the lake wasn't that bad!(damage control). Bye for now!

My Mother

Did you have a great Mother's Day? Truly hope you did. If your child or children were not able to be with you this past Sunday, I know you were in their thoughts. My son lives in Texas. He called and sent a funny ecard. We always have good talks. My daughter and youngest grandson took me fishing at Brush Hollow Reservoir. The water had risen since the last we time we had been there, but we finally found a way to get to the other side. Took an hour, but we found it. I don't fish, but I do go along. I crochet and sometimes take pictures. I've told Joshua and Kellie that the two of them can go and I'll stay at home. Joshua says that he wants me to watch him cast his line. Can't miss that, can I?

What is your first memory about your Mother? My first memory about Mother is at two years old. She tells me that was my age for this memory. My younger brother was born in Lubbock Texas and that is the location of this story. I can actual see the small apartment in which we lived. Kind of a tan color. I remember playing outside with my older brother. Anyway, inside the apartment Mother had stored the iron on top of a tall cabinet. Somwhow the cord had become unraveled and was hanging down. Apparently, Mother didn't realize it was like this. I am sure she would have rectified the situation. I remember seeing the cord, pulling on it, seeing the iron fall, and then crying just a little bit. I felt the top of my head and sure enough...there was blood. The point of the iron got me good. I still have a scar about an inch long. Mom took me to the doctor. Looked like a huge barber's chair. I received stitches and went on with life. I also remember swallowing a penny, going to the doctor (again), and Mother checking me for that penny because she was told the penny would pass.

My next memory of Mother was her coloring with me. I was coloring on the left page and she was coloring a drum majorette on the right page. I remember thinking the she was a good colorer (is that a word?)...not too dark, not too light, and she always colored inside the lines. The uniform was red and blue with gold rope braidings. Mother has always had long nails. I still don't know how she rarely chips one. I thought it would be great when I grew up to have long nails with nail polish. I have short nails and rarely polish then. Even with clear polish.

Even though I loved my Father dearly (he passed away in 1981), Mother has been the glue and the rock of our family. They raised four of us and we all turned out pretty good. She has a great sense of humor and the patience of a saint. Growing up, many of my friends would come to her to get a 'grown up' opinion before they told their own Mothers something. She has supported me in whatever I wanted to do, has given advice even when I didn't want it. She was usually right. Mother, I love you more than words can express. We are all glad you are still with us.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Circus

The Circus is coming to town this month.This brings back a couple of memories. I don't know if my brothers remember this, but I sure do. My little sister wasn't born yet, so she really lucked out on this one.

When I was small, my brothers and I would always try to think of something that would get us into the be performers. Or after the circus had come and gone, we would try to perform some of the tricks that the circus people had performed.

I was just thinking about what I did as a child that was not a smart or safe thing to do.

Rolling up a newspaper in a long tube like fashion, holding it in my mouth and letting me older brother snap it off from the end a little at a time. He did this with his a whip.

Rolling up a newspaper in a long tube like fashion, holding it in my mouth, letting my older brother light it (I am the holder of a flaming torch now) and letting my older brother snap it off from the end a little at a time. He still did this with his a whip...but faster because newspaper does (we discovered) burn really quickly.

My younger brother always clapped and thought this was a great treat to see his siblings 'perform'.

Where was my mind?!

Mother quickly put a stop to this.


Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1st May Day

Happy Happy May Day to everyone! When I was small we had a May Pole on the playground at school. We all did a little dance and sang a few songs.
I remember colored streamers coming down from the pole. Each of us would take one and go around the pole. I actually think it was the flag pole. We would also make small baskets and leave them on the doorknobs or outside someone's door. Then we would run away really really fast so that the recipient wouldn't know who had left it for them. I think that's what we liked best...trying not to get caught. I'm sure in our minds we ran faster than the wind. This person usually was a senior citizen in the neighborhood or a special friend.

When I was in my mid -twenties I met someone that did the same as a child. We became best friends. A year went by and May Day came again. Remembering that talk with her (and knowing that she would be so surprised), I ordered a flower basket for her and had it waiting at her door when she arrived home from work. At first she had no idea who it was from, then one of her children told her that they bet it was from Sandy. For the next three or four years , I sent this person a May Day Basket. Then I moved out of state, but still sent the basket to her. We would also exchange gifts on our birthdays, Valentine's Day, Just because day, Christmas and always send the children's school pictures. By this time it had become a traditional sort of thing with us. We called each other and wrote back and forth frequently. In July, 1985, I had a near fatal motorcycle accident. We spoke and wrote a few times after that time. It wasn't because of the accident that we lost contact, but that's the time period in my life that I remember last speaking with her. I've look for her and maybe she's looked for me. She had a fabulous sense of humor and a contagious laugh. I always think of Carol on May Day. Life is full of twists and turns. With the internet like it is these days, perhaps we'll find each other again. I've looked, but cannot locate her. AAAhhh, fate.


Happy Birthday, Becky!

Today is my daughter-in-law's birthday. She told us that 'these days she just prays for good health and happiness'. Becky, a teacher in Texas, is adored by every student, whether she teaches that child or not. Students look at her with such admiration and awe. Really, I've seen it. The parents also love her to pieces. Becky is on a softball team, also, but I don't remember what position(s) she plays. She is so darn good! More importantly is that she is a terrific wife to my son, Robbie (Rob), and a supermother to Drue, my first grandson. Becky, we are truly fortunate to have you as a member of our family. To top this all off - she is a beautiful person inside and out. Has a fabulous sense of humor, too. We love you, Becky!