Friday, April 24, 2009

TGIF and tomorrow is Saturday

This seems like it has been a long week. I remember on Wednesday 'wow..this is Friday - where has this week gone'. Oh well -it's Friday and tomorrow is Saturday.

Saturday -
As Advancement Chairperson for our pack, I will be making a trip (ten minuntes away) to the Scout Shop. Monthly I purchase cards, pins, beltloops, badges, etc. for the Scouts that have earned rank and achievements. I truly enjoy going there. The employees are extremely helpful and all inventory..the different items for the Scouts is a beautiful sight. No...actually seeing the boys receive their awards is a beautiful sight. The smile on a boy's face and the gleaming pride in a boy's eyes is more than I could ever express in words. One cannot say enough good things about BSA (Boys Scouts of America). If you know about BSA, you know that there are different levels. We are in the Cub Scout level. It will be a couple of years until my grandson is in the Boy Scout level.

My daughter and grandson will be on a Scout hike at Red Rock Canyon while I am at the Scout shop. The hike (a couple of miles) will be a scavenger hunt/trash pickup combo. It will also go towards their walking sticks. Saturday night we're off to the American Legion for a while. My grandson and three other Scouts in his pack were chosen to participate in the re-opening of the American Legion Post. That will be in full uniform for all of us.



  1. You must be so proud of your grandson:)

  2. Congrats with your grandson , you have a great Blog.