Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday on Hike

Keep in mind that I didn't attend the Scout hike, but went to the Scout Shop for the Pack. This is the report from my grandson:

"Grandma, we found some fossils on the way and we found a very big squirrel nest. It was like this big (he opens his arms wide for a measurement), in an oak tree. The squirrels had their bed and breakfast right there, because acorns grow in oak trees. We were on a scavenger hunt to pick up trash, and we founds lots of it. But we didn't touch it, because we had gloves and the trash picker upper. There were about 30 cigarette butts in our bag and we also found ten broken bottles along the way. We saw some animal tracks. Deer tracks, dog tracks, bear tracks, and I think that's all the tracks. We found some old old cans that were about 30 years old. Mom says that they were old soda pop cans, you know the kind that you put your finger in and then pull the top back. It was very fun".

I think my daughter took a few pictures and hopefully they will be here later in the day. Okay, Scout fans, this is Sandy reporting from the home of a Bear Scout.

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