Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pack Committee Meeting

Last night was the meeting at our home. The meeting started 30 minutes early so that we would have enough time to discuss, plan and finalize the May meeting and summer events. We generally start at seven p.m. and end whenever. So at 6:25 exactly the members started to arrive. The meeting started at 6:31 (yes, I looked at the clock). I like events (meetings) to start on time. This was the best meeting, I feel, that we have had in awhile. The meetings are always good, but this one really nailed everything. We have hikes, events and gatherings planned until the end of August. People had ideas, research completed, etc. I could go on about this, but I think you get the drift. My daughter is the Bear Leader for our pack. My grandson is a Bear. Next year she will continue up and become the Webelos I Leader. My grandson will be a Webelo. Training for her to become a Webelo leader will be soon. Summer Camp for Scouts will be coming shortly, also. Last year I attended camp with my grandson. My daughter will be attending this year. It was so hot. But everyone got through it. The boys all had a learning experience from camp. So did I. I wouldn't mind attending camp again, but please Mr. Weatherman, let's make it a little bit cooler. Lots and lots of walking. I swear I lost ten pounds during that week. All adults are volunteers. It really was fun, but it was hot.

I am the Advancement Chairperson for our Pack.


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