Monday, April 27, 2009

My First Grandson

I know I write about my younger grandson, but I don't believe I've written about my first grandson. His name is Drue and he is a freshman at the University of Texas/San Antonio. The picture here was taken about two years ago. We were on our way from Del Rio, TX to Acuna, Mexico. When Drue was born I was working at a bank and my desk was behind the teller line. I was the Operations Secretary. I knew Becky, my daughter-in-law, was due any time. Robbie called (since he's a grown man he wants me to call him Rob in front of his friends. But he's my baby boy and I'll call him Robbie. I call my baby girl Kellie, because that's her name.) Anyway, he called and said that I was a grandmother. As he told me the weight, etc. I wrote everything on a large piece of paper. (I recently found the paper - yes, I save everything) Every customer knew about the event, because I stood up and yelled 'oh my gosh, I'm a grandmother! People I had seen for years (customers) and some that I didn't know all stood there in the lobby of the bank clapping and laughing. I am getting misty-eyed now and I think I stop for now about Drue. But be sure I will write more at another time. He has grown quite tall and is extremely handsome. I don't say this because I'm a's really true. We are all very proud of him. I love you, Drue.


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