Monday, April 20, 2009


Everyone is home from school now. Upstairs (I'm on the lower floor) the children are getting up from their naps. They sure were tired little people today. Playing outside can be tiring sometimes. Such a gorgeous day. The bubble machine was on full blast. Everyone loves chasing the bubbles around trying to catch them. One of the big balls was 'accidently' thrown too high and perhaps the wind caught it and blew it over into Mrs. R's yard. So that was retrieved. I watched the children while my daughter went to the corner of our block and around to Mrs. R's driveway and into her backyard. Mrs. R is a senior citizen and enjoys hearing the children laugh while playing. We see & talk with her from time to time. She stays inside a lot. She raised all her children in this home. Remembers when there were only a few houses in this area. Her children visit her regularly. We've given her our phone number in case something should happen and she is unable to reach her family.

Scout Committee is this evening. It is held in our home. Planning for the summer events. Sout Motto: DO YOUR BEST.

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