Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Knife Safety

Tonight we attended a Scout meeting. One Scout had not been attending for a several weeks. Really thought we had lost him, but he was with us tonight - his bright smile and 'what are we going to learn tonight' look was still in his eyes. Welcome back!

My daughter, our Pack's Bear Leader, taught her den about knife safety. The theme tonight was "Whittling". The Scouts need to earn their Whittling Card, thus tonight's project. We safely packed different knives from our kitchen, a pizza cutter, apple corer, potato peeler, exacto knife, a rotary cutter and more examples of sharp tools that help us in our daily lives to cut. The boys' parents were called (and written notification was given) in advance to let them know of this 'project'. After studying the rules and taking a test, the real fun began. All the Scouts started with a plastic knife and then graduated to the real pocket knife. They whittled their own design out of a bar of Ivory Soap. Quite a creative bunch of boys she has! My grandson got a new pocket knife from the Scout Shop today. He was thrilled with his gift. He has other pocket knives that have been given to him by close relatives (some still here with us and a couple that are with us in spirit). These are tucked away in a special place. So special that I couldn't find them today. The Scout that had been away for awhile did not have a pocket knife. My grandson let him use his new knife before he did. Love that boy!


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