Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New right knee & update on our life

A lot has happened with our family since January 2011. Joshua is now in Boys Scouts and in the sixth grade. He is in the IB program at his middle school. Kellie and I were scared for him to be going from a small elementary school to a large middle school. I think we both cried on his first week of school. All has worked out well,though. The school is huge. August, 2011, Robbie, my son, came up from Texas. Kellie, Rob, Joshua, Rafi (Rafi is a little boy that Joshua considers his brother although he is not. Rafi is a boy that we had been taking of since he was around six months old. I remember Rafi could not sit up without assistance when we got him.)and myself traveled to Billings, Montana to finally settle the estate of my children's father and take their father's possessions out of storage. Bob passed away in September, 2006 from a rattlesnake bite either on or near his thumb. It is a long story that I will not go into at this time. Perhaps I never will. Joshua and Kellie went to Scout Camp in June, 2011. Both had a wonderful time. Kellie is an Assistant Scout Leader for our troop here in Colorado Springs. I will probably remember lots of happenings within our family as time goes on, but right now I am really blank.

I had a total knee joint replacement on October 10, 2011 by Dr. Feign. Kellie and Joshua were right there with me every step of the way. Kellie did not leave my side. She kept Joshua out of school that day. I had to be at the hospital around 6-6:30 that morning. They never left the hospital they told me. Even ate their meals at the hospital. We prayed together before surgery. I was so afraid I would not wake after surgery. I cried and Kellie encouraged me saying that she will see me in a couple of hours. Kellie and Joshua were at my bedside when I woke. I was in the hospital three days. Joshua & Kellie came to the hospital every morning before school and in the evenings. My room used to be on the lower level of our home. During those three days in the hospital Kellie moved by bed and some other furniture upstairs to the main level of our home. That was not an easy job. They also went to a local furniture store and bought me a red leather chair so that I would have a chair in my room for visitors & if I wanted to use it myself. The chair looks very nice. Kellie and Joshua would not sleep in their own beds the first week I was home from surgery. Kellie slept on the couch with Joshua sleeping on the loveseat. The second week she had brought Joshua's bed into the office, but she continued to sleep on the couch. She said she needed to be near me in case something happened. The first two weeks I really needed help getting up from the bed and into the bathroom even with the walker. Kellie and I have lived together off and on for years. when she was pregnant with Joshua is when we started living together. so it's been the three of us for a lot of years. We lived together by choice and not out of necessity. Before the surgery the patient is to go to a class letting you what to expect. I went to the first one, then the caretaker goes two weeks later to the second one. Finally I talked them both into going back to their own rooms for some good sleep. Kellie told me to text her phone whenever I needed to get up for the bathroom. I did not want her to come to the main level just to watch me go to the bathroom. So I would text her when I got up with the walker, she would yell to me 'are you okay, Mother? I would always say 'yes, thank you'. When I had needed to be taken care of, whether it was a cold or whatever, Kellie was always there for me. I told her at five weeks after surgery (and physical therapy)I was ready to drive. I took a test spin around the block and I was good to go. Kellie asked me one day if I would like to pick up Joshua from school. She then started telling everyone that her Mom was mobile again and that I had a huge smile on my face as I drove off to school for Joshua. On October 16,2011 I had plastic surgery on my knee because where I had a skin graft from 1985 did not heal properly. Dr. Rane performed a skin flap (that has turned out nicely by the way). Kellie and Joshua were right there at my side for that surgery also. Because that did not heal properly, it was decided that a wound vacuum machine would be needed. I had been going to the wound care clinic three times a week for the nurses to change my dressing. Thank goodness I have been able to drive all that time. I have been without the wound vac since the last week in March, 2012. I was told today that I need only to come once a week. My wound (where the long and curvy scar is)has almost healed completely. I am a strong person and knew I would get through all of this. Sometimes I would feel a bit discouraged, but knew that it would all be over one day. Kellie always wanted to help me get ready for the shower (with a medical stool she bought for me. Also arranged for safety bars be placed in our bathroom.) There were times it would take 20-30 minutes for me to get stuff and myself ready for a shower and finish toweling off. Surgery on my left leg , I thought, would be mid-summer. I wanted it then, because I would have been able to drive Joshua to school and drive myself places. We both thought this surgery would be a piece of cake...just a straight scar on the front of my leg with none of the other stuff involved. Kellie and I were both looking forward to me walking without pain. She said that I would be able to go long hike with them. I didn't not hike with them, but would go on walks through some parts of the Garden of the Gods with Joshua and Kellie. I did not want to slow them down, so on the longer hikes I would not go. She would often tell me that they would walk slow for me. I do not know when surgery on the left leg will be now. I do not have a kneecap in my left leg due to a motorcycle accident in 1985. That's another long story. I had gone through the pain of one knee replacement and knew what was in store for me with a second surgery. Kellie, my beloved daughter, passed away on March 20, 2012, in her sleep somewhere between 3:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. Joshua noticed her light was on at 3:30 a.m. and went into her room. Kellie was sitting up with her hands behind her head watching television. I guess her hands were in that position to cushion her head from the wall. Joshua asked if she was okay. Kellie answered 'yes, I'm okay. Are you okay?' He answered 'yes'. They both said good night and Joshua returned to bed. At 7 a.m. Joshua and I found her in her bed. Police, paramedics, fire engine/ambulance and later the coroner's vehicle along with family and friends, parents and their children (we had a family daycare in our home)were here. The coroner called me later that day saying the cause of her death is unknown. Her heart and internal organs were all normal and healthy. Joshua has told me that he guesses that God wanted her, that it was her time to go. I am now raising Joshua just as Kellie wanted. We spoke about our future from time to time. She was looking forward to a bright future. Kellie was enrolled in Pikes Peak Community College to further her education, to get a couple of degrees so that her son would be proud of her and she would be able to get a great paying job. She had a plan for life that was shortened drastically. She had a college fund that was started for Joshua years ago. Kellie's passing is a great mystery. We miss and love her greatly. Love you, Kellie. Love, xoxo, Your Mumma

Friday, January 21, 2011

Camping and Skiing

Right after all the kids left with their parents Kellie, Joshua and Baxter headed out for Camp A...Camp Alexander. This is located at 11 Mile Reservoir. The Boy Scouts of Troop 2 located here in town invited Webelos II for a Video Campout. This weekend is for one night campers or two night campers. My family will stay tonight and be home around noon tomorrow. Baxter plays in a hockey game on Saturday afternoon. Joshua is going to rest in the afternoon. Late Saturday afternoon Joshua, Baxter, Baxter's Dad, another kid's Dad and two other boys are going skiing at Keystone. They will spend Saturday night playing around probably. Skiing all day Sunday will be fun for all, but you can bet everyone will be exhausted Sunday night. Joshua and Baxter are best friends. Baxter spends a lot of time at our home. Has his own drawer, his own bed, hygiene stuff and yes, I wash/dry his laundry if needed. He has wonderful parents. We are glad to call them our friends. Joshua and Baxter do not share all the same interests. We think this is good...makes a great balance.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Think about it...

When I was in junior high (I guess it is called middle school now)I kept a diary. This diary has long since been lost or thrown away. I remember the cover was either brown or red. The size was the same size as the small address books that fit into a bag or purse. I can still visualize my handwriting describing my day at school doing cheers, talking with my friends or the boy I had a crush on.

Has anyone ever asked you - "If you could do one thing over again, what would it be?" I would have kept a journal of my life. I am not a legend, except in my own mind. I am not anyone famous. One of the items I made is a horse blanket for the United State Border Patrol. If you ever see a Border Patrol person on horseback, the blanket on the horse was first made by me. My husband (R.I.P.) suggested placement of the letters. Of course, no one knows I made it but a handful if people.

From time to time I will see something that will remind me of my childhood. Or perhaps it will trigger of memory of something that happened to both or one of my wonderful children. There have been times (okay a lot of times) that I will mention one of these vivid memories to my youngest grandsons. I will start the story and he will finish it. Then I know that I've told this story toooooo many times. He will usually smile at the end of him finishing the story. At least he remembers it and maybe when he is my age, he will still remember it. n Maybe he will want to visit the location of said story. He has already suggested that we climb down the creek walls (some are concrete, some are brick)on Ruxton Avenue and wade in the creek (Fountain Creek)all the way to Manitou Avenue. This particular creek gets a little deep in places, goes underneath houses, store and apartments. He is now ten years old and in fifth grade. I believe I was younger when I did the creek thing. And I took my younger brother along with me. Now I am really trying to remember exactly what age I was. I know we had a Princess phone (it was the new phone and was powder blue). I remember calling my cousin in Kansas to tell her about it. She acted like it wasn't a big thing, but it truly was. Wow, really got off the subject. Okay, I might have been my grandson's age.

Another memory just came into my mind - this happened while we lived in the Ruxton Avenue house. Spudnik was orbiting the earth and the news told everyone what time you could actually see it in the sky. We went outside to the sidewalk that was on the side of the house and laid there waiting for it to pass. My older brother told me to sit up, but I laid on the steps and the sidewalk. I still remember seeing it. I don't remember Daddy being outside with us, but Mother was there. Maybe he was in another part of yard.

Have you ever tied a string around your loose tooth and then tied the other end on the door knob and then closed the door. I had a loose tooth in the second grade and my older brother told me he knew of a way to pull it out in a hurry. Let your imagine wander a little.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I know I said that I would update more often. I apologize that I haven't. Okay, here is an update. Scouting, Scouting, Scouting - This keeps us pretty busy. Love Scouts, but a break is a good thing now and then. This 'break' happened when Joshua had Christmas vacation from school. Oh, maybe that wasn't politically correct. Our school district calls it Winter break. Part of our family came to our home for Christmas dinner. My son, Robbie stayed in Texas. Older brother and wife went to Alaska to visit his daughter. My Sister stayed in the Denver area. Younger brother, wife and her Father came here. Mom and her husband came here. Nieces and nephews entertained at their respective homes. Everyone had a terrific time. We had a mini concert in our living room with Joshua, my grandson, playing his guitar and singing. My Mother thinks the sun rises for this child. And in turn, Joshua thinks Grandma June hung the moon. He sang Felix Navidad for her. Don't know if Mother understood every word, but she loved it! Joshua is really getting good at playing his guitar. Actually, he has two of them. One that we purchased for him (acoustic) and an electric guitar that was a gift from his instructor. His instructor also gave him his amplifier. It was such a surprise for Joshua! He absolutely loves it.

This year Kellie and I made a list and pretty much stuck to it. We have a family care center in our home. All gifts for the children were done probably the first week in December. We also baked for the parents. It was our turn to provide refreshments for the Scouts at the pack meeting in December. We made punch (you know - the sherbet with seven-up mix) at the meeting. Our kitchen turned into cupcake heaven for two days baking all the cupcakes for gifts and the Scout meeting.

For years I used to be terribly stressed around the holidays. I would stay up late baking. I felt that everything had to be perfect and pretty. I would buy brown craft/wrapping paper and hand stamp (designs) every gift that was wrapped. Some of you might be thinking 'ugh brown paper'. I read somewhere that this used to be the way people wrapped. I guess the old fashioned way. Not because people were poor, but that it added the personal touch. I would buy the wire ribbon (that stuff is expensive)for the gifts and viola! Every bow had to have the right number of crimps and curves. Everyone loved the gifts (inside and outside). Reviewing this paragraph I feel I sound like Martha Stewart. I haven't watched her for years. Anyway, that is not how it is now. I still love gift wrap, but it is not expensive. Sometimes I wrap in ribbon. I do love ribbon. Gift bags are great. We buy throughout the year and have a closet stashed with gifts for the children. I crochet items and give those also. Holidays are much better and simplier. LOVE IT!

Okay, the family is up for the day. We started painting yesterday. The kitchen is no longer an ecru, eggshell of off white color. It is Perennial Gold. Absolutely beautiful. This color is also going on both walls leading to the downstairs level and will be on the entry wall in the living room. We bought a Moroccan red and will be a great contrast. Change is good for us.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

All Class Reunion

Today I attended the Annual Manitou Springs All Class Reunion. This was a two or three day annual event, but I have never attended it. I am generally on my own class reunion committee, so it was nice to attend and not have to do anything but show up. For the past five years I have heard from or seen classmates at another classmate's funeral service. This was the case on August 8th ( re: Shirley). This was a happy time. Tears of joy...this was the case for Janeen and myself. I knew her growing up. My older brother dated her older sister. She married, I married and that was it. From time to time my parents would tell me that they saw her parents. Our families were good friends, but somewhere over the years we lost track of one another. Anyway, D'Esta said that she was bringing Janeen and wouldn't it be terrific if we could talk, etc. Janeen, D'Esta and I sat together and talked and talked. I don't know if this event has been well attended in the past, but there were enough people for me. I have been told that this get togehter is held every year in mid-August. Older people would hear my last name and ask 'aren't you the little sister of Lucky or the older sister of Doug?' I saw the older sister of a good friend of mine in high school. Asked her to tell Margaret I think of her often and to tell her hey. That particular person says she sees my Mother often. Says Mother is quite a character. It's a good thing that my Mother is remembered not only by my own high school friends, but also by the friends of my siblings. And quite frankly Mother still has spunk. D'Esta told me that my Mother used to help her fix her hair for special dates (homecoming and dances), because her Mother didn't take an interest in that. I did not know about this. I feel this is wonderful. I know Mother remembers this person. She would like it very much to know that she helped someone years ago and that this person appreciated what she did for her.

Class of 1968

Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterday my brother-in-law and his new wife rolled into town. They were at Camper World. They bought an motorhome and the refirgerator had been recalled. Anyway, it was going to be fixed this morning. I think it has been fixed, but they are still at Camper World. Mu daughter and grandson are with them. I told her not to come home with an RV or anything else on wheels other than her Land Rover than she drove over there. Of course if she did roll down the street with something HUGE, I guess it would be alright. I would just have to crochet and sell more fingerless gloves and do it faster. I think an HUGE RV would be too much to handle (for me anyway), but she was going to glance at the Class C vehicles they have in stock. She called a while ago and said everything was fine. That made me feel more at ease.

We ate at Joe's Crabshack. Brother-in-law's wife wanted to eat there. I had not eaten there before. I have been told that it was extremely noisy and people dance on the tables, and the food wasn't that great. It was a little loud (but not like I thought it would be), the wait staff dance to four tunes and the food was good. We'll probably go back again.

Bye for now.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Attended Shirley's service today. It was very nice. My grandson asked if she was lowered into the ground at the cemetery. I told him that she did not have a casket to lower and that she might have been cremated. He knows what that means. We have visted the cemetery that was connected to the funeral home. It is huge and old. Shirley and her family have an abundance of friends. Spoke with classmates that (it seems) we only see at funerals of parents or classmates.